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Set Apart: Mormon Media for Free

11 Apr

Hello, Changemakers! I thought I’d like to show everyone a singular opportunity. Brigham Young University, the world’s premier LDS university (and my school), has a superb Men’s Chorus which performs at many Church meetings. Previously under the leadership of choir-conducting legend Mack Wilberg, they currently tour the US and Canada each year, the choir is made up largely of returned missionaries, and are an inspirational example of LDS religion.

For those interested, the Men’s Chorus has recently released their newest religious album, Set Apart. Not only that, but they are offering it for free: click here or on the image above to get to the download site.

I hope you all enjoy it; thank you for reading, and have a lovely day!


Hearing the Word

7 Apr

It’s a wonderful time for the LDS Church! Twice a year, the General Authorities of our Church, those authorized to receive revelations from the Lord just like the Prophets of Old, speak to us again in the General Conferences. The last session, it was announced that the Church’s missionary forces would be allowed to serve earlier, fantastic news for those waiting to serve Him.

It’s been a wonderful, spiritual time for everyone. I hope we’ll all be able to have prayers answered, and get a little closer to Him who loves us!

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