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Triumphant Return!

30 Oct

Hey there, Readers! I’m back!!

Sorry I vanished – I’ve been doing many, many things (LDS Mission, year of illness, etc.) I’ve been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) now, so that’s new.

I’ll try and hop back on with the same kind of content I was publishing before I left. Some of my more recent interests are systems science, network theory, and collective impact.

What sort of topics would you like to hear about? Let me know!


A Golden Summer

16 Apr

Well, this is shaping up to be a lovely summer! I’ve got a wonderful job lined up: selling pest control with Vantage Marketing. I’ve gone to some trainings already, and I’m psyching myself up for a summer of door-knocking.

As part of my preparation, I’ve been reading such classic sales books as How To Sell Your Way Through Life. I’ve been finding some fascinating theories, which I’m looking forward to share with you all later.

Finals are coming, too: wish me luck! Have a great day, Changemakers!

Learning to Walk

13 Apr

Hello, Changemakers!

This week has been interesting. I was quite proud of myself a few days ago when I thought up the d20 System; I’ve already started using it, though only in a limited way. I’m using the stopwatch on my phone to generate a random number from one to ten (using the hundredths place); that’s working wonders already.

However, there is a snag. While I’ve already mentioned Premack’s Principle, which makes this easier, I’m having difficulties thinking up both rewards and punishments to use. I’ve used snacks as rewards, but I’m sure there’s a more effective route to be found. I’m also altogether unable to think up any decent deterrents for bad behavior. I’m spending far more time on the computer than I would like; my difficulty is that most of the things that I enjoy are actually things that I’m trying to deter, like surfing the web and snacking excessively.

So, I put the question to you: What are your recommendations for good rewards and punishments?

No-Post Sabbath

7 Apr

The Sabbath: a time to Study, Ponder, and Pray

This is my first Sunday on Observations, and I think it’s time that I institute and explain a new rule. Sunday, or the Sabbath in Judeo-Christian traditions, is a time not only to relax, but to grow closer to our Lord (or the Deity of your choice).

As part of this, from now on, I’m not going to be posting any Observations on Sunday. Feel free to discuss on the comments, but I won’t even be going online if possible.

Enjoy your Sabbath!

Hearing the Word

7 Apr

It’s a wonderful time for the LDS Church! Twice a year, the General Authorities of our Church, those authorized to receive revelations from the Lord just like the Prophets of Old, speak to us again in the General Conferences. The last session, it was announced that the Church’s missionary forces would be allowed to serve earlier, fantastic news for those waiting to serve Him.

It’s been a wonderful, spiritual time for everyone. I hope we’ll all be able to have prayers answered, and get a little closer to Him who loves us!

Getting Settled

6 Apr

Well, this process has been fun, changemakers; I think I’m finally settled on this particular theme and layout.

Among the features we’ve settled on:

  • Recent comments
  • Category pages
  • Subscribe via Email
  • Subscribe to individual Categories’ RSS

I’m particularly happy about the category RSS feeds; this took some doing on my part.

So on to the storytelling part; my girlfriend’s cousin is here, a personable individual just returned from his tour in Afghanistan. I’d like to thank both him and all the other soldiers for giving their service. We’re all grateful!

There’s very little storytelling here; mostly this is just an update on Observations’ setup. The rest is an invitation for discussion:

What change do you want to see in the world?

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