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Fighting the 7 Mental Sins

17 Apr

Hello, Changemakers! Productivity site¬†posted a useful infographic today. Titled, “Brain Hack the Seven Deadly Sins,”¬†it offered more realistic modern definitions for the traditional Catholic “7 Deadly Sins,” along with effective psychological tricks for fighting them. The infographic can be found here:

Brain Hack the 7 Deadly Sins

I hope that this will prove useful! Good day, Changemakers!


No-Post Sabbath

7 Apr

The Sabbath: a time to Study, Ponder, and Pray

This is my first Sunday on Observations, and I think it’s time that I institute and explain a new rule. Sunday, or the Sabbath in Judeo-Christian traditions, is a time not only to relax, but to grow closer to our Lord (or the Deity of your choice).

As part of this, from now on, I’m not going to be posting any Observations on Sunday. Feel free to discuss on the comments, but I won’t even be going online if possible.

Enjoy your Sabbath!

Hearing the Word

7 Apr

It’s a wonderful time for the LDS Church! Twice a year, the General Authorities of our Church, those authorized to receive revelations from the Lord just like the Prophets of Old, speak to us again in the General Conferences. The last session, it was announced that the Church’s missionary forces would be allowed to serve earlier, fantastic news for those waiting to serve Him.

It’s been a wonderful, spiritual time for everyone. I hope we’ll all be able to have prayers answered, and get a little closer to Him who loves us!

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