About “Observations”

Hello, Changemakers! I’m very pleased to welcome you to my new blog, “Observations of a Changemaker.” If you would allow me, this will be my introductory post to explain the layout, for all interested.


Observations is a gathering place for those people interested in the latest in business management or social change. Also posted here are observations from my personal life, including stories and thoughts on spirituality. Feel free to subscribe to the RSS Feed, which I believe WordPress will support. Everything will be organized into categories for your convenience; most posts will belong in more than one. My first categories are detailed below:

Business and Management

Here, I will post the latest findings and theories regarding business structure, strategy, and management. Currently, some of the best trends include networked structures and “wirearchies,” empowering employees and team-based contributions, and customer and employee relations in the connected age.


Important to every individual, especially to today’s businessman or changemaker, is the science of everyday tricks and paradigms to aid productivity. With the many demands modern culture gives us, it can be a powerful advantage to accomplish even slightly more than the competition.

Social Change

The heartbeat of this blog, this category holds the newest trends and research concerning international development and aid. Impact investment, microfinance, and other innovations and their effectiveness will be the bulk of this category.


I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, colloquially called the Mormons. My relationship with the Lord has been a defining and beautiful part of my life, and I hope to post some observations about what I’ve learned here.


This is where I put the stories and observations from my personal life. This section rarely will serve a higher purpose other than being a public journal, but it’s unlikely it’ll be posted in as much as the other categories.


Here, I will be planting seeds for comment discussion. I would love to talk with you all, and here, I ask questions and, more rarely, make requests, looking for information and original perspectives.

In Sum

I really look forward to talking with you all, and with sharing some of what I’ve learned with everyone! Use the categories to look at what you’re interested in; I hope to have something for everyone!


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